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Scott Williams has provided our heating oil service for the past 5 years. Today, December 24th, 2010, the day before Christmas, it was 28 degrees outside and we came home from work to an empty oil tank. We called Scott Williams and asked them to refill our tank (which they typically do automatically). They refused to do it and dropped us as customers. No explanation from the company. No warning in advance. Unfortunately, this was a holiday week and it was nighttime so although we tried to find alternative companies to help us out, businesses were closed and we could not get in touch with another company. Without any heat and the weather at freezing temperatures, our family was forced to leave our home and find alternative accommodations for the night.

Companies like Scott Williams are given a large amount of responsibility to make sure homes are properly heated and homeowners rely on them to provide a very important function. Leaving a family without the opportunity to find alternative means of heating and refusing to provide any sort of advance notice goes beyond just poor business practice.

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This oil company told me I had used 100 gallon of heat oil last Oct. Would you belive it ?


Scott williams oil company has been the best oil company I have ever had!They are very understanding and give you time to pay on your bill.

I have been a single mom with 4 children for over a yr now and wouldnt have made it without scott williams when it comes to heat and hot water! I know if I call early enough in the morning they will be out here that same day!

And if the oil is really low they make every effort to get oil to me asap!Great oil company to have!!


I have had great service from the Scott Williams Oil Company. I had an issue with the furnace they came right out to fix it. I have always had deliveries on time.


This company is great with its service and payment arraingments I have been doing business with them for over 12 yrs. and it has been wonderfull, Good JOB Ken,


What a sad story.Scott Williams oil company in Quincy has provided fuel for a property that my sons live in for many years.

When my sons have fallen months behind on their bill, Scott Williams has been more than patient in waiting for the money that was due to them. WAY more than patient. If Mr.

Fennessy had the social graces of giving Scott Williams the courtesy of a call explaining financial difficulties and making arrangements for making payments, he would have found that Scott Williams company would have been very reasonable.How sad that a good company has to be treated this way.


I might add that I called Mr.Fennessy to ask that he remove the above post and that I would remove the response.

I received no reply. He also spent time to post a complaint on the BBB site.

As said earlier - why not put the effort into keeping the account current or setting up a payment plan and sticking to it?He did not.


I am responding to not the greatest service.

Sorry we did not meet your needs.Can I ask - were you a "will call" customer.

We try to make it clear that we need two business days advance notice for deliveries. Since you mentioned after hours deliveries it sounds like you had perhaps forgotten to call and then called at night for a delivery. No companies run regular routes, but do have on call staff at night. Should you run out and need a night time response there is always a charge involved.

The best bet is to have automatic delivery - then you won't run out nor will you have to watch the tank and remember to call.

If your new company does not work out please call us and take advantage of this service.It's easier on everyone concerned.

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I have no interest in getting involved with the above issue as it seems like there may have been some issues with that particular customer; however, what I can comment on is my experience with this Scott-williams.

Although my experience with this company was better, I did end up switching carriers because there were several instances of the deliveries being late and having difficulty getting deliveries after hours. Although a follow up call generally solved the problem, we didn't think it was our responsibility to constantly follow up.

Switched over to Atlas in Quincy - so far, so good.


Sounds like that Mr. Fennessy owes everyone money. Get a job *** and pay your bills like the rest of us!!


PS - this site is new to me, as we have few complaints (except by those that owe us a legitimate debt it seems). In looking around the site it seems they want $4999.00 per year to allow us to rebut complaints - legitimate or otherwise - and to monitor our account. Let me complain about that - it's BLACKMAIL!!

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